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Evita is a multilingual prize-winning writer who currently resides in Glasgow, U.K., where she recently acquired an HNC with top grades in Professional Writing Skills. She was raised in a Danish-Norwegian household in Køge, Denmark. At age twelve, she and her family moved to Alicante, Spain, where she studied and received top grades at the local Norwegian high school, Den norske skolen i Rojales.

Not only is she a native DA/NO speaker fluent in English with a rich literary background, but as a published and awarded writer, her work provides authentic and creative translations designed to capture the true spirit of your original work. As an integrated member of the United Kingdom, her translations are also current and up to date with the spoken and written English language.

Danish and Norwegian to English

Evita’s expertise is in translating books from either Danish or Norwegian (origin language) to English (target language).

While she is educated in British English, she can translate to American English upon request. Please note that she strictly translates from Bokmål Norwegian and does not offer services for Nynorsk Norwegian.

Translation & Localisation

Part of the process Evita will go through as she translates your work is localisation, a skill she is trained in by Pole to Win.

Localisation ensures that the translated text is not only grammatically and contextually correct, but culturally accessible and relatable to the reader. This includes elements such as tone, idioms, and references.

Editing & Quality Assurance

In addition to translation and localisation, Evita also offers editing and QA services to guarantee that your story is of the highest possible quality. Her editorial notes are especially valuable if your original work has not been professionally edited yet.


The fee will depend on the volume of the project and whether you wish to add Editing & QA to your purchase. Get in touch with Evita for more information at

Languages & Fluency
English: Fluent
Danish: Native
Norwegian: Native

Higher Education
HNC, Professional Writing Skills
City of Glasgow College, 2020-2021

Relevant Classes
Creative Writing
Editing & Proofreading

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