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Hosted by Malin Evita, Making It: Women in Film is a weekly podcast (new episode every Friday) featuring introspective and honest conversations with women working from across all fields of the film and TV industry.

This is a space for women to get together and voice their stories and experiences, opinions and ideas. A space where no matter how much or how little you have done, your passion is encouraged and embraced.

The revolution for women in the film and TV industry is now.

Join us.

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#70 | Our Lives Shaped by Film with Creative Producer Briana Pegado Making It: Women in Film

Welcome to the last episode of the season! Briana Pegado is a creative producer with more accomplishments on her resume than can be fitted into this box. In this conversation, Briana shares her life story – from getting her first guitar to becoming student president, creating and directing Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, signing a book deal, and so much more. And what better way to do that, than by pinpointing the movies that were with her throughout it all, and what they have meant to her? Stick around till the end for our roundtable where Lauren and Evita share a drink and reminisce over this season. Learn more: High Tide Media Boom Saloon Magazine The Delicate Rebellion The National Theatre of Scotland Custom Lane – Scotland's Centre for Design & Making ESAF – the Edinburgh Student Arts Festival Fringe of Colour Films We Are Here Scotland The Black Queer Travel Guide For more conversations with Briana: The Artist Is Mourning featured in The Skinny Magazine in October 2022  A Pinch of Magick Podcast on Healing, Transformation and Ethics  The Modern Craft: Powerful Voices on Witchcraft Ethics Edited by Alice Tarbuck and Claire Askew. (Read chapter 13 for Briana's own contribution. Our Movement, Our Stories: Rhys Hollis on OMOS in the Skinny Magazine Follow her on Twitter | Instagram Keep up to date with the podcast on Instagram @MakingItWomeninFilm and @TheBonnieAndBraw Thank you. A production by Bonnie and Braw and LS Films. Host/Editor: Malin Evita Ditlefsen. Researcher: Lauren San Miguel. Music "Lo Fi Kitchen and Cooking" by MusicDog. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/makingitwomeninfilm/message
  1. #70 | Our Lives Shaped by Film with Creative Producer Briana Pegado
  2. #69 | From Naval Officer to High End Producer with Louise V Say (Shetland, Les Miserables)
  3. #68 | How Filmmaking, Environmentalism, and Equality Intersect with Screen Sustainability Manager Maire Claire Bowser
  4. #67 | Healing Through Filmmaking with Director Nisha Platzer ("back home")
  5. #66 | In Conversation with BAFTA-winner and MD / Exec. Producer Sarah Drummond
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