While recently achieving her HNC in Professional Writing Skills at the City of Glasgow College, Evita also writes for and runs womeninfilm.co.uk—an online magazine publishing reviews, profiles, and opinion pieces. Beyond that, her essays and fiction work has also been published across the net and in print. Here is some of her most notable work! Vocal author profile


An Orange Tree | Short story, to be printed in Coin-Operated Press & Artificial Womb’s Unapologetic Feminism Zine

To Kill a Cactus, Under These African Stars, and Living/Leaving | Poems published in the COGNOMEN poetry zine

Personal & Cultural Essays

I Grew Up in a Cult. Books Helped Me Survive | Cover story printed in Oh Reader‘s second issue

Embracing Radical Empathy in an Age of Antipathy | Grand-prize winning essay of Vocal’s Lifelong Learning challenge

STOP Making Breonna Taylor’s Death into a Meme | Here is What You Can Do to Actually Help Arresting the Cops that Killed Her. | Vocal Top Story

Taking Time to Breathe in a World on Fire | Vocal Top Story

The Sound of Birds in the Morning and Crickets at Night | Personal essay published on Vocal

Pop-culture Criticism

Making It: Women in Film opinion pieces.

Is There a Solution to the Exclusionary Nature of Film Awards? | Feature published on Soft Sticks

Changing the Narrative: Mental Health Awareness in Film & Fiction | Statistics & Solutions | Vocal Top Story

I Was Wrong: ‘Cuties’ Sexually Exploits Children. And No—The Context Does Not Matter. | Vocal Top Story

A Spectator’s Indulgence of the Merging of Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham | Analysing Television’s Most Mesmerising Dynamic | Analytical piece published on Vocal

DISCLOSURE, J.K. Rowling, & Why the Narrative of Violent Trans Women in Pop-Culture Has to Change | Vocal Top Story

Profiles & Interviews

Evita has interviewed over 50 people over the past year. Listen to her podcast here and check out some recent profile and interview pieces:

Storytelling & Success | Acting Coach Samantha Stiglitz Reflects on the Audition Issue and Gives Advice to Emerging Actors

“Representation Matters So Much” | Shay Revolver on Lost Careers, Stereotypes, Real Life Pain and Becoming the Change

A Window to the Unknown: ‘RBG’ and ‘JULIA’ Editor Carla Gutierrez Talks About the Power of Documentaries, Women’s History, and Building Community

‘We want to explore our brash sexual nature, coming from a pregnant perspective.’ | ‘Oh, Baby!’ Filmmaking Duo Speaks on the Female Gaze and Refuting Societal Expectations

“Beyond Safe and Onto Real.” | The Shift: Shay Revolver Confronts Female Vilification and the Palatable Representation of Black Women in Hollywood

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