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Creating Your Own Film Company with Ambre Vanneste and Avery Looser

Episode 13 | Meet two young women who took the industry into their own hands and created a streaming service and production company.

Do you have an idea for a film-related company (or company in general) but don’t know how or where to start?

Say hello to the guests of our thirteenth episode of Making It: Women in Film, eighteen-year-old Ambre Vanneste and nineteen-year-old Avery Looser.

Currently studying at SAE Institute in Brussels, Ambre is a French-Belgian filmmaker and founder of the streaming service Indie-Clips. Indie-Clips is a brand new streaming website designed to promote and support indie filmmakers and their short films. The site is sleek and professional, and contains a wide variety of genres and languages. You can start your free one month trial now, and then pick a package to commit to. For filmmakers, there’s also a section that allows you to submit your own work or recommend others!

NYU Tisch film student Avery Looser is the woman behind the making of the film production company BraveMouse LLC. BraveMouse is dedicated to amplify and empower women working both in front and behind the scenes. Their narratives are uniquely female led, and all of their productions require a 51% minimum of women working on it.

“You really have to trust your idea. If you have an idea that you love, then you can really take your time with it. No one’s rushing you. Another important thing is to be surrounded by people who support you as much as possible. For women in filmmaking and business it’s not easy. The most important thing is to only keep around the positive.”


To learn more about Ambre and Avery and how they turned their ideas into proper companies, listen to our full conversation available on all major podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts, etc.)!

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