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Women on Set with Production Assistant Amy Parrack

Highlights from our interview with production assistant Amy Parrack.

Originally from Norwich, Amy Parrack is set production assistant, filmmaker, and editor who most recently worked on Disney upcoming Cruella (2021).

Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil in Cruella (2021)

In our interview with Amy, we talked about her journey into filmmaking, how she got her role as a set P.A. on such a large production, how that experience changed her approach to the industry, and her thoughts on the lack of diversity in film.

It is generally just quite a traditional industry where a lot of families are kind of involved as well. And so, I think it’s quite an inherited industry, if that makes sense.

There should be no limits to creativity. Everyone should be able to get involved.

Amy on the persistence of gatekeeping in the entertainment industry.

In the short-documentary film “My Authentic Self”, Amy follows Autumn Scoffield as she takes us through her experience and perspective as to what it means to be a woman.

What was most important was giving her space to be able to voice her opinions and feelings about being a transgender woman in today’s society.

As someone who isn’t transgender, it was important for me to give complete control over the narrative of the film. It is essentially not by story to tell, and I was very thankful and grateful that the trusted me to document her story.

Want to know more about Amy and her experience, thoughts, and opinions as a young filmmaker in the industry? Listen to the full episode, available on all major podcast platforms.

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