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Shola Adesina and the Power of Authenticity in Film

For the third episode of Making It: Women in Film, Shania and I sat down with Shola Adesina – this is her story.

Shola Adesina is a London based production assistant who has worked for CTCV since 2018, assisting on productions for the BBC, Bitesize, and Discovery Channel across TV, radio, and digital.

Between 2017 and 2019 she worked as an entertainment reporter for Into Film where she interviewed a multitude of people working in the industry – from Seth Rogen to Ava DuVernay.

Do you ever get starstruck when meeting these celebrities?

Oh my days, yes! The nerves are so bad! People have said to me like oh, you don’t look nervous, you seem really confident- no. No way! My cheek does this thing when I’m really nervous where I have to smile where it just starts wobbling, like just quivering. There’s like a trembling in my face! So when I am trying to ask these questions and keep it really cool, my face is like trembling. Apparently it doesn’t pick up on camera, but I can definitely feel it.

What’s your opinions on representation and diversity in the industry?

Across the industry, it [representation] matters so much. ‘Cos we have seen how powerful it can be. When you watch a good film and you know how it was made and you hear the stories and think about the behind the scenes…

A24 / Moonlight

I think about films like Moonlight, I’ll never forget that film and when I watched it. Hearing about Barry Jenkins – the way that the film was shot and the way that the film was written to share representations of black people, to share representation of women, all sorts of different demographics; it has to start from the inside out. I really, really do feel strongly that behind the camera, representation has got to be better.

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If you want to hear more about Shola – how she got into reporting and production at age 19 without any formal film education, her thoughts and experiences with diversity in the workspace, why she decided to take a 2-year gap year, and the women in her life who inspires her – you can listen to the full podcast episode now, wherever you get you podcasts.

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