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Studies after studies on the concept of nature versus nurture continue to show us that it isn’t what is preconceived within us that is the epitome of humanity, but our ability to change, adapt, and grow.


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#22 | The Secret World of Extras with Casting Agent Fiona Miller Making It: Women in Film

This week our guest is Fiona Miller. a casting agent for major casting company GBM casting based in Glasgow, Scotland. Fiona's work history is exceptional, she has casted shows from HBO, BBC, Netflix, and much more! In this episode, Evita and Shania sit down with Fiona to discuss the secret world of extras, representation in the eyes of a casting agent and the film industry in Scotland. Join our community of women filmmakers over on Instagram @MakingItWomenInFilm This episode was hosted by Shania Bethune and Malin Evita, and edited by Shania Bethune. For more information go to malinevita.com/podcast or email us at makingitwomeninfilm@gmal.com See you next week for another exciting interview! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/makingitwomeninfilm/message
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