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Hello! I’m Evita; a Scandinavian-Glasgow based writer and podcaster creating food for thought essays, critiques, and conversations on all things culture, trends, film & TV. I am the co-creator of Making It: Women in Film, a podcast and zine dedicated to amplifying women’s voices in the film industry, which I contribute to while studying for an HNC in Professional Writing. This is my design. (If you got that reference, please know that you are now my best friend. Sorry not sorry.)

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Studies after studies on the concept of nature versus nurture continue to show us that it isn’t what is preconceived within us that is the epitome of humanity, but our ability to change, adapt, and grow.


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#26 | Spreading Awareness Through Film with Ipek Ensari & Camille Hollett-French Making It: Women in Film

Scientific researcher Ipek Ensari and filmmaker Camille Hollett-French are the co-directors of ENDOMIC – a Slamdance accepted film about endometriosis. Shania sat down to talk to them about how they found each other and developed this idea, what it was like to shoot during COVID, working together but never meeting each other, and how we can use film as a way of spreading awareness and make science accessible to the wider population. Enjoy! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @MakingItWomenInFilm and check out our website womeninfilm.co.uk ENDOMIC Film IG: @abloodycrisis Ipek's website: ipekensari.com Camille's IG: @thiscity0fmine, website: camillehollett-french.com Shania's IG: @shaniafilm Evita's IG: @malinevita This episode was hosted by Shania Bethune, guest-starring Ipek Ensari and Camille Hollett-French, and was edited by Malin Evita. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/makingitwomeninfilm/message
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